Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nuclear Isn't Green

John McCain had me breathing a sigh of relief tonight in the debates as he dwelled on the greening of America, weaning ourselves from foreign oil, and investing in green technologies. Aside from all his other faults, I thought at least he's a guy who has some common sense and would not send me scrambling for the nearest national border if he were elected.

And then he brought up the nuclear energy issue.

I have never seen a more blind and politically inept lineup of Republican politicians more worthy of landslide defeat than those on the rather precarious stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library tonight.

Question of the Day:

Which Republican candidate, if elected, would have you seriously considering an exodus from the United States?

This is a tricky question because few of us have the ways and means to leave and still be able to support ourselves financially. And I'm not one of them. But I swear I'd find a way if Mitt Romney were elected.

And given the insane bullshit spewing from the mouths of these so-called "less government" conservatives (Huckabee) who still harp on the traditional marriage issue, I would suggest there are several who would send me packing.

Given all that is going on with the Democrats right now, this is seriously going to be an interesting election year.

Republicans are more than welcome to answer this question by substituting "Democrat" with "Republican" in my question. I'm just curious to know where people's heads are at.

And I know sentences shouldn't end with "at" but fuck it. I'm annoyed right now. Nancy's red dress has me all agitated.

And who would ever have guessed that the "surge" in Iraq had bragging rights.


What a stupid debate. Who would Ronald Reagan indorse? Who gives a fuck and the question is absurd. The man is DEAD. Leave him be.

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