Monday, January 21, 2008

The Walking Dead

I feel like shit. What a waste this trip has been thus far. Within an hour of walking in the door at my friend's house in Little Rock I began to feel a bit worn down -- more so than usual after such a drive. I felt like I was getting slammed hard and fast with some kind of allergy. I woke up shortly after midnight feeling as if I'd been running a fever, having weird dreams, and the remainder of the night was not a comfortable sleep.

And today simply deteriorated hour-by-hour but I did make the drive to my mother's house this afternoon. She prepared a divine meal of purple hull peas, collard greens, corn, mac & cheese, slaw, chow chow and cornbread. That should (hopefully) put me on the road to recovery tomorrow.

I may never again travel during the winter. My lips feel like dried up beef jerky despite the fact that I'm drinking plenty water. Anyhow, no more blogging from me today, I'm about to curl up under a blanket and watch the Dems debate in SC.

And I'm sure, with any luck at all, I'll be passed out before that one's over. Can we fast-forward to late Wednesday afternoon? I'm ready to be home.

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