Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another 3 Sentence Book Meme

I was tagged by Phil at Waveflux for this meme which is actually one of my favorites of the book memes because it's easy and quick!

Here's the rules:

1. Grab the nearest book (that is at least 123 pages long).
2. Open to p. 123.
3. Go down to the 5th sentence.
4. Type in the following 3 sentences.
5. Tag five people.

They have no idea you're wearing short pants, and have no back in your jacket. It's embarrassing. Especially if they use too much makeup, and you look like a deceased drag queen.

I'm curious. Does anyone know the book or the author? No cheating. Take a guess if you don't know. The answer lies here.

Tagged: Jacq, Mr. Goff, OK, I've got Jacq/Goff covered. Pardon my adolescent antics, but there is some creativity at work here. Also Deborah (please whip out an Ian Fleming book! I need a 007 fix.) and Pidomon, who happens to have just bought a book so I know there's one handy, and Seventh Sister, with whom I will be meeting briefly for the first time on Thursday for a sinfully decadent reason.

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