Friday, February 01, 2008

Celebrating Blogroll Amnesty Day

Jon Swift hath declared February 3rd to be BAD -- Blogroll Amnesty Day on an ongoing basis. Read his post for the history of this event. Many bloggers are turning it into a 3-day extravangaza starting today.
I was actually alerted to this by Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (henceforth on my blogroll) in an email...

jon and i have decided to engage in a program designed to direct traffic to smaller blogs than our own, with links and features and shout-outs.

What a great and fair concept.

I can't begin to count how many people I've added to my blogroll after discovering them on someone else's blogroll, or because they were linking to me and I didn't know it until I stumbled on their blogroll. Several I've added from various blog awards which happens to be another great opportunity to gain exposure to great blogs you might otherwise never find.

Among the newer adds are Shimoda’s Dream and Texas Oasis -- both fellow Austin bloggers who offer up a fun read. I really love the idea of getting to know more bloggers from Texas, and particularly the Austin area. It's also a great way of finding more links on their blogrolls to area blogs or other items of local interest. Not to mention the fact that it's fun to read a blog post or a comment from a local blogger on my blog which might reference something with which we are both familiar.

In the coming days (hopefully) I am planning to redesign my blogroll to give is a bit more organization, logic, and rhyme & reason as opposed to just a linear list.

My blogroll philosophy has been to (eventually) add anyone who hangs around here frequently, and add those who are infrequent - especially if it's a blog I want to read on a regular basis. After all, it makes sense that if someone likes my blog, I might very well enjoy theirs as well.

What goes around comes around. Especially true with blogrolls.

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