Monday, February 25, 2008

Factoids From The Deep

Ewwww. Gross.

I woke up this morning without one thing on my mind. Nothing of importance to say and thus it has remained well into the afternoon. Is it a slow news day or do I just stubbornly refuse to pay attention?

I had quite a bit of cleaning to do in the kitchen.

And there was a load of laundry during which time I had an interesting observation.

Would you consider it odd if you did a load of laundry, and as you were putting away the clothes -- several pairs of socks, four or five shirts, and a pair of cargo shorts -- you noticed there was not one pair of undies in the load?

Hey, I'm a free-spirited and liberated minimalist man.

And are you asking yourself this question? "Is this really the best konagod can do for his first post on a Monday -- and in the middle of the afternoon?

The short answer to that question would be yes.

I do wear undies when I'm a man about town, but that's rarely for more than an hour or so per day. So what difference does it make if wear the same undies for 5 or 6 days in a row? At 1.5 hours per day for six days, that's a total of 9 hours which is still less than most guys would be wearing the same pair in a single day.

And it cuts down on the number of times I do laundry which saves water, saves soap, saves wear and tear of the washer and dryer and is therefore good for the environment, not to mention the fact that less time doing laundry means more time for blogging.

Besides, if the skies were blue in your town, and the temperature was 86° 88° on February 25, would you be blogging? Or wearing undies?


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