Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stick Figure Income

As our economy downsizes, so do our male models.

Six-pack abs?

Nah. Too fat and bulky.

And pack your bags, Travis; your career is over as well. Those well-chiseled man-boobs and baby fat are so unappealing for 2008.

Meet the new definition of a sexy male bod. And sagging no less!

Where the masculine ideal of as recently as 2000 was a buff 6-footer with six-pack abs, the man of the moment is an urchin, a wraith or an underfed runt.

Nowhere was this more clear than at the recent men’s wear shows in Milan and Paris, where even those inured to the new look were flabbergasted at the sheer quantity of guys who looked chicken-chested, hollow-cheeked and undernourished.

Because, you know, a 28-inch waist is just to die for.
“I personally think that it’s the consumer that’s doing this, and fashion is just responding,” said Kelly Cutrone, the founder of People’s Revolution, a fashion branding and production company. “No one wants a beautiful women or a beautiful man anymore.”

Hey, speak for yourself!
George Brown, a booking agent at Red Model Management, said: “When I get that random phone call from a boy who says, ‘I’m 6-foot-1 and I’m calling from Kansas,’ I immediately ask, ‘What do you weigh?’ If they say 188 or 190, I know we can’t use him. Our guys are 155 pounds at that height.”

What next? The two-dimensional model?

I paid a quick visit to the Abercrombie & Fitch website just to see how their models are shaping up. Obviously they aren't on board yet with mega-skinny. And apparently they aren't pushing sales of underwear either.

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