Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Beer Blogging

If I'm having a tequila night as opposed to a wine night, I enjoy starting off with a lighter beer -- ideally a raspberry brew, before moving on to the darker robust beers. txrad and I are usually in agreement when it comes to almost all beers and we enjoy the Purple Haze from Abita Brewing over in neighboring Louisiana. I like Purple Haze because it still tastes like a beer with just some raspberry essence.

Our beer run yesterday was to a store that doesn't stock Purple Haze but they had these Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ales from a brewery in Maine. I'm usually up for trying a new brew so we got a six-pack with only a slight reservation about the $8.99 price tag.

After my first sip I thought to myself, "This is VERY raspberry." After the second sip I realized just how sweet it was. I remained quiet until txrad opened his and took a sip. I was in another room when I heard him react.

Yes, we are in agreement once again. If you like a really sweet, overpowering fruity brew, you'll probably like this. Unfortunately, we do not, but we'll drink them. It does enhance the appreciation of the follow-up beers. That's for sure.

If anyone reading this has tried this or other Sea Dog brews, let me know what you think.

And there's an update to the Friday Pussy Blog down below.

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