Sunday, February 03, 2008

B.A.D. Part 3

Jon Swift

Sadly, it's time to wrap up the much anticipated Blogroll Amnesty Day.

I always enjoy the [blank] while black syndrome -- just insert your favorite activity be it driving, walking, minding your own damn business, whatever. So check out Angry Black Cat's post about her husband's misfortune of being "in the presence of 'something black'". Because, you know, race is so not an issue in this country, particularly with our fine law-enforcement a-thaw-ra-ties.

Another proud recent find is Freida Bee. I think we found each other's blog through a very creative meme -- another great way to discover new bloggers. And yes, yet another great Austin blog which I wasn't even aware of initially. And she's an organic gardener no less!

And Fran I Am is having a bit of financial trouble that reminds me of... well... me!

I told myself I was going to include at least one blog unknown to me prior to today, one which I would enjoy reading based on a quick glance, and I'm going with No Blood For Hubris. This woman's profile alone gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside: "Card-carrying Buddhist. Recovered existentialist."

And a sprinkling of my good blog friends, all of whom are in my blogroll and too numerous to list them all (well not really, but linking is giving me a carpal tunnel flareup), but Jennifer of Coasting Richly deserves a shout out for making it back home safely in Costa Rica after what seems like an eternity in the US, and making me a tad jealous by visiting with that bearded gent, and some freak with a purple monkey fetish. And I'm still enjoying the lovely Costa Rican brew each and every morning which Jennifer sent me a few weeks back.

And lastly, a huge pat on the back to the Quaker guy for his relentless reminders of the horrendous situation in Darfur and elsewhere which seems to gather far less attention in the press than it deserves, considering we're talking about genocide on a massive scale. But I guess that Iraq war consumes so much of our passion, and now with the economy spiraling downward, we can only show so much concern for black-skinned people tragic events before we have exhausted our compassion. I mean, what's 400,000+ dead and 2.5 million forced from their homes?

Nothing really. About 3% of the anticipated viewership of tonight's Super Bowl, which I can assure you will absolutely dwarf the press coverage of anything else going on in the world for the next two days.

Sorry if I cast a shadow over everyone's fun. I'm BAD.

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