Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blogroll Diplomacy

Blogrolls are a pain in the ass. Once in awhile you feel the need to clean house for whatever reason. Because I am so consumed during the week with work, I rarely have time to visit more than just a few during the course of a week. And yet when it comes time to thin the herd, I start visiting a few of them which I rarely read and I realize they are good blogs written by good like-minded people who have something to say. However, that does not alter the fact that I have not and will not have time to read them all on a regular basis.

The links are sentimental to me on a certain level. People with whom I've had discussions, however brief, on other blogs, and people who used to comment regularly on my blog but have disappeared. So, how do I go about the painful decision of removing some?

If someone hasn't posted since April, they are getting cut. Clearly they failed the Blog365 test. And the fact that I only noticed today is another clear indicator.

If I added someone because I was hoping for reciprocity and didn't get it, they're moved..or gone, depending on my mood.

If I added a blog because I enjoy it, and hoped for some reciprocity and didn't get it, they're staying. Because honestly, who gives a shit? It's about content; not rubbing each other on the back.

Some blogs I occasionally make time to read will stay because I believe their content is a noble effort and deserves to be seen, and if my blog manages to expose one new person to their blog every 6 months, that's worth it.

Blogs whose authors last addressed me with a hearty "First of all, fuck you...." and concluded with "you insensitive shit" because I happened to have an issue with a post and I used a blunt expression which hit a nerve, will be removed (with glee). And I don't care how fucking great the content might be.

Huge blogtrosities which might be great and are well-known around the globe and have hundreds of thousands of readers probably need no help from konagod to drive traffic their way. So those are gone.

Blogs which suck, but I happen to like the owners of them, will stay. (I'm certainly not naming any names here!) Seriously, what's not to love about Pidomon? And he does indeed have something to say and life experiences to boot, so who gives a shit about his horned toad fetish or whatever?

Blogs I like, whose authors believe my blog sucks, will stay. There might just be one in that category. Not sure.

Many blog links will be moved to Black Soap (another pointless sucky blog, one could argue). Although I rarely have time to read them, I want the links in a handy place when I do. And I will.

OK, that should help un-clutter things here. Did I omit any important criteria? I'm sure I did. I already moved one from Siberia.

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