Monday, September 15, 2008


Since we're on the subject....

txrad and I went to Flores in Oak Hill for Mexican food yesterday. The meal which used to cost us $18.78 with tip is now $21.95 with the same tip. The portions are the same. I had an early warning sign when I noticed the menus were new.

On Saturday I took a tire off the riding lawn mower to be fixed. I did this in April and it cost $15. This weekend it was $19 and took even less time to fix it.

The last time I bought Science Diet cat food was probably 5 or 6 weeks ago at Petsmart. I seem to remember their regular price was around $28 and it was on sale as it usually is for around $22. They gave us a rebate form for two $5 discounts on a future purchase. This weekend I went to redeem the two $5 coupons and noticed the cat food was now $33 and was on sale for $29.99, so with the coupons we still paid more.

Clever. They saw this coming.

Even the cat litter which I recall was $9.99 before is now $11.99 "on sale" from $12.99.

I feel really sorry for the homeless kitties they had for adoption. There were two that I really liked, not that I need them. But they need a home and it's getting ridiculously expensive to care for anything living.

And as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I noticed the Babies R Us store next to PetSmart. And I wondered to myself, "who the fuck can afford to shop there?"

If ever there was a chain more deserving to bite the biscuit, that might be the one.

Here's a tip: Babies R more expensive than anything you'll ever buy. Plan accordingly in our new economy.

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