Saturday, September 06, 2008

Change I Can Believe In

Between back-to-back political conventions and back-to-back exhausting workweeks I have to confess I'm a little tired of politics right now. And the real fun is only beginning: the final two-month mad dash for the White House.

Yesterday morning brought an autumnal crispness to our abode. Granted, most of you will laugh at the idea of a 63° morning low being equated with crisp. It was a major departure from the normal low 70s and reminded me that change is coming. I won't have to vote for it, nor will I have to fight for it, and it won't cost anything. Consider it a freebie from Planet Earth. And I'm looking forward to it.

Not that I'm complaining. While we didn't have any extraordinary high heat this summer, we did have prolonged 100-degree days which probably set a record for the number of 100+ days in a single summer. But I enjoy the summers far more than the winter weather patterns here which tend to be cool, cloudy, and windy for days on end. Sometimes it's even cold.

It does make you appreciate the days when the sun appears and warms your skin and the low humidity makes doing work in the yard rather rejuvenating.

Politics, even more than the heat, has been stifling this summer. About two weeks before election day, we should be experiencing our first dramatic change in the weather here in Austin in which a daytime temperature might not climb above 45° after the arrival of a massive Canadian blast.

I am ready for it. And I'm ready for the other change to come about two weeks later.

I hope it's a better change. Right now I'm not so sure. All bets are off. But regardless of the outcome, it'll be different on the surface at least.

Until then, we're facing 98° today and tomorrow. The crispness is temporarily leaving us for awhile.

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