Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Glad I Filled Up My Tank This Weekend

At least I had the luxury of doing so without a long wait. Some people are driving around burning fuel while trying to find some. That's a lot like pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, is it not?

My instincts are pretty damn good. As soon as oil futures fell below $100 a barrel, I was thinking that's where I should put all my investments, what little I have. Depending on my timing I could have had a 20% return on my investment today. Not bad for a Monday.

I was so busy today I never had time to check the news throughout the day. After I finished spending about 2 hours on a Black Soap installment, I had to jump into the fray at work.

It's just as well I didn't check the news. I can't see much good going on. We're back on track in negative territory again. Jitters rule the day.

Time to go turn on the TV. Punditry awaits.

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