Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kona the Thrifty Shopper

I was going a little stir crazy at home this afternoon and decided to go browse the Goodwill store before heading over to Kohl's. I will occasionally find a shirt I really like at Goodwill, something that is well-made and not made in China. No such luck today.

So txrad and I journeyed on to Kohl's. In my pocket I had a coupon for $10 off any purchase of $10 or more when using the Discover card. I didn't see anything I really wanted or needed but txrad found a lime squeezer priced at $10.99 so we got it. Yes, it's a unitasker but he does squeeze limes almost daily so it will get used.

Upon checking out, I was expecting to pay about $2 with tax. As it happened, the gadget was on sale for $8.79 including tax and while the coupon stipulated the discount would be applied to purchases over $10, it went through anyway, so we walked away with a freebie.

Also stopped at HEB for some bulk spices: marjoram for 8-cents, cayenne pepper powder for 67-cents, and dried ancho chili powder for 96-cents.

Total outlay for this haul: $1.71. Not bad.

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