Saturday, September 05, 2009

Obama to Employ Backmasking Technique in Address to Children

Each new day brings disturbing new accusations from the less-sane elements of society.

Pam Spaulding had this to say on her blog regarding an NPR story yesterday.
I think I was really going to lose it this afternoon when NPR was doing a story on this and they were interviewing some of the parents who were going to make their kids stay home. I almost drove off of the road when I heard this one mother say that even if all President Obama says is the benign "study hard" message, she's afraid -- and I sh*t you not -- that there would be a subliminal message in there. I assume it would be a subliminal socialist message that can only be perceived by young minds.

I'm guessing if you play the speech backward with the volume turned up to eleven, you'll hear Judas Priest doing "Hellbent for Leather," and suddenly we'll be seeing first graders getting into bondage gear.

These people are nuts.

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