Monday, September 14, 2009

Polls North of the Border

I received an email earlier today with a link to Pride of Toronto 103.9 FM. The music is not my preferred genre which I suppose makes me way less gay than I should be. But I did find an interesting poll on their website. Normally I only vote in very public such polls in order to view results to confirm just how ridiculously biased people can be. These results surprised me, but then again, it's a Queer radio station in Toronto, not a CNN website in the US.

In fact, under the circumstances, I would have expected option #1 to have more than 65% of the vote. One can only hope the 20% "on the fence" will eventually get the hell off it, and in the right direction.

Interestingly enough, while I was voting and viewing results, I was listening to the station. The DJ had a caller on the line and he asked her the poll question. She said "absolutely" to #1, and noted that she has several transgender friends.

And I kept trying to imagine this conversation taking place on a typical radio station in the US -- let's say the alternative rock station in Austin for instance. As liberal as this city is, I can only imagine some of the stomach-churning calls the station would receive.

By the way, you can click the graphic above and cast your vote -- today only!

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