Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Have a Map Fetish

I got myself three $50 gift cards from Barnes & Noble when I cashed out my American Express points prior to cutting up the card. I wanted to splurge on a really nice large world atlas.

Today we stopped at a Borders just to check out the selection because I really haven't browsed a store for their atlas offerings in years. I'm pretty sure I want the National Geographic World Atlas because their maps have always been my favorites. The question is whether I want to pop for the larger atlas or get one that's more lap comfortable. The large one is $165.00 retail.

What sucks is that has it for a tad over $100 with no sales tax and free shipping. I'm contemplating that option and I could use the gift cards for something else. After all, by the time I pay retail plus sales tax, I'm still spending almost $40 with the gift cards!

Meanwhile, I was searching on the National Geographic web site and found this Map Machine which rekindles my map fetish on so many levels!

Check out these two images from the population density map theme. This is rather frightening.

We think of the east and west coasts of the US as being crowded. California alone has well over 30 million people. I can't even fathom the density levels of China and India.

Keep in mind these are still developing nations with a rapidly rising middle class who will increasingly develop a thirst for energy at an alarming rate.

We may soon find ourselves longing for the good old days of $100 a barrel crude oil prices.

It seems like the body heat from those folks is enough to raise the air temperature a degree or two, aside from all the usual emissions attributed to global warming.

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