Sunday, November 04, 2007

Two Sides of '77

It's hard to believe that 1977 was the year in which both of these made an appearance:

I was a junior in high school at the time, about to reach the proverbial fork in the road. I'm glad I went down the road of exhibit A rather than remaining on the goon squad road.

This collection of photos was sent to me by my ex-boss this weekend. I think it's one of those funny emails making the rounds, and the collection of photos probably originated on someone's blog. If I knew the source I'd certainly credit it, but it's too funny not to post these.

Remember these lovely furniture sets? Come on, I know you do. Everybody knew somebody who had them!

I'm not sure how much $400 in 1977 would be in today's dollars, adjusted for inflation, but rest assured it's TOO much! Actually I was looking for an online calculator to do the math. I didn't find one but I did find the box office intake for E.T. in 1977 converted to 2006 dollars and by using the same math, that furniture would be slightly over $1,300 today.

{kona takes a quick vomit break.}

OK, I'm back. It gets worse...

I remember these. I think I had one in bright yellow. I actually find that sitting on a cold toilet seat in the winter is sort of inhibiting to my desired business, so this was such a welcomed relief.

On the other hand, this look should have been illegal. And gross! I think the models were about to make out!

It may have been 1977 but JC Penney certainly had no problems with blatantly marketing to the homosexuals:

I'll confess I wore some pretty hideous shit back in the 70s, especially around 1974, but nothing that outrageous.

My God, did they pay someone to write that line??

Thankfully we've all made it to 2007 when fashion and marketing have definitely been kicked up several notches. Oh yeah...

Warning: This ad campaign might not play well in Mississippi.

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