Sunday, November 25, 2007

Making Cranberry Sauce

During this holiday season, obscene numbers of canned cranberry sauce will be purchased in the US, and perhaps consumed, however reluctantly, by millions. STOP!

Making cranberry sauce is not only incredibly easy, it's actually fun. I made my first batch last year using Minstrel Boy's Killer Kranberry Sauce recipe and I swear I'll never buy another can for as long as I live.

I just made a batch and thoroughly enjoyed the experience yet again.

Here's all you need. Easy.

Everything but the lovely cranberries are in the saucepan being brought to a slow boil.

To enhance the experience, open up a nice Italian Masi Campofiorin and sip while finishing the sauce. (Thanks to litbrit for that wine tip last year.) We'll get right to work on what's left in that tequila bottle shortly.

Dump in those luscious berries and away we go.

Within a few minutes those plump berries will pop, the color will begin to change, and suddenly you have the most delectable cranberry sauce imaginable. Take them off the stove, toss in the roasted pecans, and get ready to rock & roll.

In case you are unsure about how long to roast the pecans, as I was, I just put them on the tray from my toaster oven which is under the saucepan in the above photo. I put them in a 250-degree regular oven for about 15 minutes.

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