Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Joke Was On Me

After having concrete confirmation that layoffs would begin today, txrad and I proceeded to get shitfaced last night. I figured I'd go in to work for a couple of hours, and at least one of us would be discharged, and we could both come home and take a nap to sleep it off.


After suffering through one of the worst days ever, the news is the layoffs have been postponed until Thursday. It's complicated and I can't go into all the details on a blog.

But I was very surprised when I walked into the kitchen this morning and saw 95% of our pizza uneaten. At least we took care of the bottle!

So tonight I'm trying this again. We have a bottle, txrad is making veggie burgers & tots and they had damn well better start laying folks off tomorrow. Because the process of getting myself into the right mindset is expensive and unhealthy!

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