Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conspicuous Consumption of Water

While Atlanta has been suffering through a severe drought, as has much of the southeast, one homeowner seems to have been oblivious.

Over the past six months the address has used an average of 390,000 gallons of water. Last month it was 440,000 – up 15% from last October when there was no crisis. That one home would drain the nearby water plant’s filtration field in less than a year.

WSB Atlanta has the story and a video.

As the New York Times noted, Chris G. Carlos, the homeowner with a huge thirst, is not high on the popularity list in the Atlanta area.
By comparison, the average consumption in the United States is about 150 gallons a day per person, and in the Atlanta metropolitan area about 183 gallons.


Mr. Carlos has apparently been using the water not only to flush nine toilets and maintain a swimming pool but also to refresh nearly four acres of lush landscaping around his white-columned, red brick home.

There are people who seriously deserve to be slapped senseless, and Mr. Carlos is one such person. The problem is, how do you slap someone senseless who is already seriously lacking any?

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