Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chili Peppers and Other Penis Envy Celebrations

[WARNING: May not be workplace safe, depending on your workplace.]

txrad went out this afternoon and harvested this for our beans tonight. Cute!

On a related note (sort of), my brother sent me a bunch of pictures today of some celebration. Maybe it's those crazy Japanese having what my brother called a "Cock Celebration." (In the event that Photobucket removes these photos as they did the last time I used the site to store them, I'll replace them in the morning.)

If anyone has any info on this festival, drop a link in comments. I don't normally like parades or anything of the sort, but I might be willing to travel around the globe for this event.

A penis so huge, it takes 20 men to carry it.

Cock to go, with a special dipping sauce?

Do these glasses make my nose look limp?

Teach 'em young in the ways of the world.

Good grief. Maybe this is a festival to raise ... um... awareness.... and combat a declining birth rate.

So we started with a chili pepper and we moved on to penises. I'll leave you with Red Hot Chili Peppers and penises.

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