Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Chivalry Be Damned

I've had nothing provoking me to post all day today and was wondering if anything was going to inspire me. And then txrad and I started watching Hardball with Chris Matthews. We got our hot buttons pushed hard.

Chris had two guests he was interviewing, both women. The discussion was Sarah Palin (who else?) and he asked his guests if it would be appropriate for Joe Biden to assist Sarah Palin with her chair, as in helping her pull it to the table I suppose, and both of the guests said that would be perfectly acceptable.

This is a topic I have had on my to-blog-about list for a long time and had forgotten about it.

First, Joe, don't do it. If Governor Palin can't handle her chair at a debate, how can she handle the nation, or Alaska for that matter?

I have never understood this business of guys going on dates, and their special lady friends stay seated in the car until Mr. Casanova comes around to open it, extending a hand to assist her in making a graceful exit.

It's one thing to not let a door close in some one's face, opposite sex or not, when entering or leaving a building, but this over-the-top behavior of treating women with dignity (i.e. treating them like they have no abilities to perform basic functions like opening a car door and getting out, or pulling their chair to a table) has got to stop.

And speaking for no one but myself, I hope he treats Sarah Palin at the debate exactly as he would treat Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney, neither of whom I'm guessing would need any assistance with their chairs.

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