Sunday, October 12, 2008

When Canada Mimics the US, It's Not Good

The radical right wrong just won't stop.
The seemingly benign decision to stick a Liberal Party lawn sign in her front yard has brought a new ritual to Marla Waltman Daschko’s morning routine. Ms. Waltman Daschko walks around her Volkswagen Passat station wagon and peers underneath the chassis, searching for potentially deadly sabotage.

She's not paranoid.
Last weekend, more than 30 Toronto residents awoke to find the brake lines on their cars severed, their telephone and cable television lines cut and political graffiti gouged into automobile paint and scrawled on their homes. The sole link among victims: a lawn sign promoting a Liberal candidate in the current federal election campaign.

Oh Canada. Don't mimic the US, please. Where else will we go when the shit hits the fan?

Certainly not Austria.

All of this makes Texas looks pretty damn good. And that's saying something.

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