Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debacle Debate Night!

I think the designated cocktail this evening should be absinthe.

However, I'm lacking that stuff so it'll just be tequila and beer for me and txrad as we prepare soul food (he prepares most of it; I do the corn bread) and await the night we've all been waiting for: the one, the only, Joe Biden vs Sarah Palin, live from St. Louis.

"Sarah Wins"

Honestly, I wish I could see the face on that ignoramus. I always like to keep a running tally of what stupid people look like so I can be more aware while milling about in public.

I like that Abraham Lincoln holding the Obama sign!

Anyhoo, come on in, vent your frustrations throughout the debate, or throughout the night. I'll probably post a few konagems as the night wears on and the tequila kicks in.

Update: You both lost me on the gay marriage and gay rights issue. Fuck both of you. Right up the ass.

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