Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey Missouri: Don't "Show Me"

I'm getting a little more than fed up with scenarios in which national presidential elections affecting all 50 states with 300 million people being decided by one state.
The campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain are taking a no-holds-barred approach to the midwestern "Show Me" state, and with good reason; Missourians have voted for the presidential winner in all but one election since 1904.


The candidates have blitzed the state with political ads, with Obama reportedly spending six million dollars on media advertising and McCain close on his heels with 5.5 million.

Missouri's vote is on a knife edge, and recent major polls have toggled back and forth; Thursday's average of recent polls by independent website shows McCain at 47.8 percent and Obama at 47.4 in Missouri. The previous day it was Obama 47.8, McCain 47.5.

For fuck's sake, make up your damn minds! Enough already. Time to dump that electoral college, once and for all. 2000 taught us that lesson.

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