Thursday, October 02, 2008

Too Close For Comfort

I have a rubber snake around here somewhere, or did. I think I might have finally thrown it out after getting tired of seeing it on a shelf. I also know I have a large rubber cockroach in my desk here which I have slowly allowed to work its way out of my mouth from time to time as a joke.

This morning I opened a drawer in the table next to my bed and found this. At first I wondered how it got in there. It had to be one part of my rubber insect collection. But I never remembered having one of these. That's because I don't.

At least it is dead. And as a courtesy to Tart, I have placed a coin in the photo for scale.

That's a little too big and a bit too close to my bed for my satisfaction. I'm not sure how it got in the house. I'm hoping it was during the time the bedroom window was being replaced. Because if critters like that are routinely entering the house we need to seal this place up a bit tighter.

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