Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2007 - Oh What a Year

Just what I need: more job insecurity.

We found out today our agency is no longer the lead agency on our largest account and we now answer to another agency under our corporate umbrella rather than directly to our client. We don't know what this means yet, and it may ultimately mean very little, but it's troubling nonetheless.

I can hardly believe the year is more than half over already. Our financial woes hit home back in January and that unpleasant realization seems like a distant memory. I'm just hoping this current job continues for at least another year.

Meanwhile, I finally spoke to the law office yesterday and the paralegal was supposed to call me back to let me know what I needed to bring for the appointment on Wednesday. He didn't call back yesterday or today and I was too busy to track him down today. I was hoping to have an email when I got home but I don't. So I'm not even sure I still have an appointment.

I never knew it was so hard just trying to get an appointment with a lawyer! The saga continues.

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