Thursday, July 26, 2007

Painting is Good Therapy

I knew after all the bad luck I've had this week, things had to improve. I'm finally tackling some projects I've had on the back burner for a couple of years at least.

The living room, while in the midst of a carpet removal, is being painted finally, in the color I always wanted.

Actually I wanted a darker sage green on all four walls. But txrad and I got drunk last night and I pulled out the color samples and he immediately picked two. We decided to do a dark green on the TV/entertainment center wall, and a light sage on the other three walls.

He picked the yellow for the kitchen and it worked out fine, so I trusted his drunken judgement on this one. I'm happy with it.

Right after I took this picture the camera shut down because the battery was dead. But I finished the wall on the left with the light sage. I'm going to work tomorrow and will finish up this room over the weekend. I'll post more photos showing the progress.

But wait until you see what I have planned for the den which I haven't photographed yet!

Finally, after 10 years, this is going to be OUR house!

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