Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Den Project

I got the rest of the ugly shit-brown and piss stained carpet pulled up in the den this afternoon. I'm a happier man already. This is a room we don't use for anything but CD storage on some shelves and the two litter boxes. The litter boxes have sat for years to the left of the fireplace and I knew it was going to be an ugly scene when I pulled that carpet up.

I won't go into gory details but the wooden tack strips which hold the carpet were actually rotted in that area. I have kept one of those large plastic mats under the litter boxes as well -- those mats that are used in carpeted offices for the chairs to roll around on when you're at your desk. Apparently this damage must have already been in place before I got the idea to use one of those. Or perhaps urine ran over the edge and under the mat. I told you Samantha was a messy pisser.

The den yesterday:

The den today:



That is an upended coffee table in front of the fireplace, just in case you thought it was some abstract art piece.

Also, we have made our carpet selection for the living room. Portly Dyke and Camera Obscura, you're going to be very disappointed I'm thinking. We didn't go with either of the two samples I posted earlier, but I'm keeping the final selection a secret until it is installed in about 3-4 weeks.

However, I think you'll both like what I have planned for this den. I haven't made any decisions yet but this is going to be my colorful room since it tends to be very dark.

We have also discovered mold in the garage and I'm concerned about it creeping into the house. txrad has sprayed a mixture of bleach and water on the moldy areas but we're thinking maybe we should call a professional.

This series of home improvement posts is apparently going to continue for a while.

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