Monday, July 30, 2007

Feline Psychologist Needed ASAP

What's up with this? Sissy was lounging in the litter box when we got home from work. We moved the litter box to the other side of the room after ripping up carpet. This is also the box which Samantha would use for urinating. Is this some type of feline mourning ritual or what? Maybe it's the side effects of the Revolution dose she got on Saturday to kill the fleas. I have no idea.

I just know I've never seen a cat rest in a litter box before. It's unnatural.

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Cat Luver said...

It is likely that Samantha's scent is in the litterbox and Sissy feels comforted by it. Same as if one lost their mate and found comfort in smelling the perfume or cologne on a shirt they once wore..