Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Carpet Demolition: Part 1

After the wild night we had last night, we decided to turn off the alarm and just sleep until we woke up, which was around 7:20. I'm normally on my way to work at that hour. I called the vet but they didn't have any slots open for Samantha today but suggested I give her a shampoo to take care of the flea problem. Since the house already smells like a wet cat, bathing her wasn't such an ordeal. But she is no better this evening.

We decided to go to the office to finish up a few things. We left here about 10:00. While at a stop sign downtown, we felt a surprising hard bump in the car. We had just been rear-ended by a guy in a Jeep Cherokee. Lovely. Just what I needed after worrying about a dying cat and having rain water flowing through my kitchen the prior day.

txrad is doing a great job ripping out all this nasty wet carpet and padding. It's going to require some very well organized furniture placement elsewhere in order to get all the carpet removed from two rooms.

I'm going to stay home from work on Wednesday and take care of as much as I can. I need to get the cat to the vet; I need to take the car to a repair shop for the estimate; and I can use the rest of my free time to get this house ready for the next phase of improvements.

I was really hoping the concrete under the carpet had been in good shape and I would have considered staining it. I guess that's not an option. This is exciting in a way, starting with a clean slate and being able to get two rooms done the way we want them. I have already decided I'm going to paint the two rooms before we put down flooring. All of these projects have been on my agenda for years. I guess now is the time.

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