Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Calling All Cat People

Rebecca emailed me an interesting idea for this week's Friday Pussy Blog. We'll dedicate it to interesting "classic" cat poses and anyone can submit photos of their kitties in a classic cat pose. Be sure to include relevant information if you wish, such as the names of your felines, because we all know how easily offended they can be.

Email them to me at konagod "at" konagod "dot" com.

I seem to be lazy this week. Not posting since Monday morning and soliciting guest cat bloggers for Friday. Hmmmm. Not only am I being lazy, but I'm severely overworked this week.

And speaking of cats, Monday evening I was playing with Tater Tot in our kitchen. I was squatting down to pet him and he was getting a little too frisky. Rather than risk getting bitten or scratched, I quickly jumped up, not realizing how close I was to our countertop which extends out about six inches from the cabinets. I slammed into the edge of it with my back. It impacted squarely on a hip bone and I was in agony most of the day on Tuesday.

It's somewhat better today but still very tender and sensitive. Not fun.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this combination vomit/hair ball du jour... hope no one is eating or about to eat. OK, I'll be nice and make it considerably smaller than the image I was working with prior to cropping and resizing. Yeecchhhh.

Because I'm such a nice guy, I'm leaving that treasure for txrad to clean up.

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