Friday, March 21, 2008

The 4x4 Meme

Via the normally meme-less Jami.

4 jobs I have had: pouring hold molten iron into molds at some foundry back during college -- whatever that's called. It lasted about a day or so. Working in a tortilla factory. Working in a Chinese grocery and a TCBY Yogurt store. (By the way, the founder of TCBY is from my hometown and used to teach school. I think he was my brother's teacher one year.)

4 TV shows I actually watch: Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Iron Chef America. The L Word. Little People Big World. And I really had to struggle to think of four.

4 places I have been: Singapore, Iceland, Ocracoke and Petra.

4 foods I like: Quality cheese (if the Kraft brand is associated with it, forget it), Fresh purple-hull peas, fried spinach pakoras, veggie enchiladas with some rich spicy sauces. (My favorite is enchiladas banderas which has 3 sauces to mimic the 3 colors in the Mexican flag -- that's convenient!)

Tagged: If you have an R, T G, or A in your blog name, consider yourselves tagged. Sorta like Wheel of Fortune. Hey, that was easy.

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