Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eye Exams Are Fun

Seriously, I love getting my eyes examined. Probably my least favorite check up is the dentist. I find nothing pleasurable about it. But eye exams are cool. I find it very relaxing to have no responsibilities except sitting still and doing exactly what I'm told. Ditto with haircuts although I obviously haven't had one of those in awhile. The whole experience is very soothing.

My favorite part of the eye exam is when they do the glaucoma test and you stare into the device and while you are trying to focus on the dot at the end of the tunnel you get hit with that quick blasting air puff. Wheeee! That's the most fun I've had in weeks. What a thrill.

But for $156 I wish I could have turned my head and had the doc blow on my neck a couple of times. Oh well. It's a medical exam, not an S&M cafe. That reminds me of a physical exam I got back in Denver in the late 1980s. The doctor was young and hot! He gave me a thorough exam which included him wearing a latex glove and probing where the sun don't shine. I wonder what that costs these days?

Question: What's your favorite medical exam and why?

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