Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Desk Drawer Clutter Meme

Found a meme over at Ms. Lipp’s place. Maybe this will inspire me to clean out my desk even though I did so about 2 months ago. It wasn't enough.

Open up your desk drawers. Rummage about. List ten things you find there:

1. Lots and lots of cards: credit cards, business cards, frequent flyer cards, casino club cards.

2. Lots and lots of pens and markers.

3. Some infinity stamps or whatever they're called. Just bought them a couple of weeks ago and quite a wise choice since postage is about to go up again.

4. Lots and lots of return address labels -- more than I will ever use.

5. Souvenir concert tickets from probably every concert we've attended in the past 16 years. Actually one predates txrad: Concrete Blonde at Club Maxxx in Denver on July 4, 1989.

6. A large plastic cockroach.

7. Two $100 bills.

8. Lots and lots of 3.5" floppies and Iomega ZIP disks which I should discard.

9. A package of dark blue stationery which I received as a birthday gift in England in 1984.

10. Two expired passports.

Tag thyself.

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