Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Perfect World

is where:

Everyone pays a bit of attention. Explore. Don't be spoon-fed.

People slow the fuck down. Don't be in such a rush. Don't tailgate. It will only cause you pain and discomfort in the end.

Everyone eats healthy. Three meals a day. Fresh fruits and veggies in season.

Politicians don't feel the need to lie or cover up their sexual indiscretions.

The homeless don't need to feel ostracized because, even though the homeless shelter is in an abandoned hotel, and the federal government is offering it for free, the locals fear their property values will suffer. Even if said locals live near a freeway where their property values are already up for debate.

We don't need to prove our power to the planet through wars, but rather we prove ourselves to the planet in what we say and do to promote equality, fairness, and justice.

Stopping cellphone use on the streets and highways. Unless it is a dire emergency rather than an attempt to squeeze a little more efficiency out of a busy day. Ever seen an 18-car pileup? Not pleasant.

We don't need freeways because people aren't in a hurry and we don't need to divide neighborhoods.

People stop having babies without understanding the full 18-year commitment, responsibility, and cost -- despite their desire to procreate. Or because the Pope tells them contraception is evil.

Just stop. Examine all that is around you. Contemplate it. And then continue. Slowly. At a pace you can swallow.

Read labels.


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