Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Early Effective Fear Tactics

Now that Karl Malden has died at the ripe old age of 97 (way better than 50!), I ran across this old AMEX ad today. Remember this?

When he says "pick-pockets" I swear it sounds to me like he was saying "fick-fuckits."

I not sure some popcorn in my face would preclude me from feeling something sliding against my butt cheek, but it does happen. In all my months of traveling through Europe, I've never had my wallet pulled from my pants. I did, however, have someone enter my hotel room in Los Angeles while I was sleeping and make off with my wallet which was on my nightstand.

Guess I should have carried American Express Travelers Cheques then. Or better, just hidden the wallet.

At least they used a blonde white guy in the ad as the thief and not some brownish gypsy. Clever of them. I wonder who their ad agency was at the time?

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