Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sometimes We Have to Do the Right Thing

[This post has been updated Monday morning.]

I de-friended a guy on Facebook tonight. Ronnie Walker, a musician from Houston with a penchant for guns, Ted Nugent, and white people.

My biggest mistake was not capturing his status update before I defriended him because you would not believe the shit. He was going on about how white people have controlled the planet from the very beginning, and bragging about it, and he was getting a little pissed off lately at how things were being called into question.

I should have defriended him when he took the pro-Ted Nugent/pro-gun stance, but I'm all about the Constitution and free speech and all that shit. But the knife in the gut was today.

Here was my reply: (the second reply; I don't have a copy of my first, about how white men were also responsible for the atomic bomb, strip malls, and perhaps, strip clubs. Damn me to hell for not saving them.)
Delete. In the name of all that is right, delete. Sorry Ronnie, get some help. TV doesn't make white people look stupid. WHITE PEOPLE make white people look stupid. I've said this all along.

And thus endeth a Facebook relationship, one which didn't have a lot of tap root to begin with. Sorry for ending a sentence in that grammatical fashion.


UPDATE: I also left a comment last night on the Facebook page of a mutual friend here in Austin. Her name is Charlotte and she is a promoter of local music here in Austin. I wanted her to be aware of the racism being spewed by Ronnie since he has played here in Austin in one or more of her events.

This morning she sent me a message and copied the additional comments which were in response to my last exiting comment on Ronnie's page. Here we go:
Ronnie Walker:Well Win,they only show really goofy fuckers on TV.Are you a goofy fucker?No you're not.Im with you on the gay issues but don't think Im a dipshit because I'm white or from the south.Us white folks better stick together or we're gonna be gone.

Charlotte Shafer:Pat Buchanan and Sarah Palin make white people look stupid on TV. Comments like this make white people look stupid on FB. Sorry Ronnie I'm with Win.

Larry Parcell:Charlotte What do you do? I can't wait to hear what state that you govern

Larry Parcell:Win you're a pethetic idiot!!!!!!!!!! What other race, you stupid fuck has done shit for humanity!!!!!! Name one ?????Blacks,Asians,Arabs You need to shut the fuck up. Go spit on a white soldier who keeps you safe at night. My blood is boiling

Larry Parcell:Please don't try to respond with some profound liberal horseshit. I think you should leave this country. By force!!!!!!!!!! And go live in some countyr where you think people are nice and smart.

Larry Parcell:And not white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte Shafer:Ronnie, Win may have de-friended you but I am not going to de-friend you, because I want a chance to hear from you that you didn't really mean it, you were drunk and/or maybe thinking you were being funny and just parodying a racist, because up until this point it's not something I would have ever expected from you. And as for that Larry Parcell guy he can kiss my big fat white ass.

Kim Evans:Amen

On her blog, Charlotte wrote a short piece titled Honky Tonk Heroes and Racism.
This guy, Larry Parcell, is the lead guitarist and songwriter for a band in Houston named "Honky Tonk Heroes". I can tell you that MY honky-tonk heroes, some of whom are named on Mr. Parcell's MySpace page, would NOT approve of his so-called opinions. I strongly urge you to boycott him and his band, should you ever have the opportunity to see or hear them, and if you should be so inclined to let others know, feel free to spread the word.

Racism is alive and well in 21st century America, under a black American president, and plenty of people are not only willing to be openly and blatantly racist, some are even willing to stake their careers on it.

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