Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Dispute at the Kona Ranch

Me: What did I go in there to blog about?

txrad: what?

Me: What DID i GO in there to blog about?

txrad: what? Can you speak English?

Me: WHAT DID I GO IN THERE TO BLOG ABOUT? I had something, but when I got there I forgot. Your job is supposed to be recording my thoughts.

txrad: you don't have to yell.

Well, I don't have to blog either, but I NEED TO. And I don't want to have to scrape the bottom-most recesses of my brain to remember what I had to say that was of such prime importance.

OH! I remember now. It was in the New York Times today. You guys read that shitrag, right?

All The News That's Good To Hide. I'm searching. They seem to have forgotten they published it in this morning's paper.

[one shot later]

Found it.

Telltale Isotopes in Marijuana Are Nature’s Tracking Devices

OK, tell me our federal government could not be spending its (our) money more wisely.

I mean, honestly, how many troubles do we have on the domestic front roaming untackled while we spend FUCKING BILLIONS in the Middle East.

{kucinich for president in 2008}

Read this fucking shit, now.
The research, the Marijuana Signature Project, relies on stable isotopes, which are forms of an element like nitrogen or oxygen, that have distinct atomic masses. Long employed in ecological research, stable isotopes are increasingly used for forensic purposes, including investigations into blood doping, arson and trafficking in contraband like drugs and endangered species.

I'm so glad to see our ecological green movement has spawned such evil. Maybe we should keep our research more secret. Contraband.

I would laugh if my heart were not so heavy.
The drug control policy office is betting on stable isotopes to identify unique markers in marijuana, distinguishing it not just by geography but also by its cultivation method — for example, indoor versus outdoor.

“It’s an epidemiological and forensic public health investigation,” said David Murray, chief scientist at the agency and director of its Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center.

They're coming. And they're spending too much money which could be better spent elsewhere. And just let us get high if we want to.
In the marijuana project, Dr. West has found that cannabis plants grown in different regions of the country contain distinct signatures based on the isotopic composition of each region’s water.

If we want to.

Freedom of choice. And, I don't always want to. Again, my choice.

Sorta like VOTING.

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