Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wine and Work Don't Mix

I'm just sayin'.

Wine is for relaxin' and conversatin'

And relaxin'.

It tends to have to opposite effect when mixed with unpleasant chores.

Tequila is a better choice for such an occasion. Because after about 5 shots, you just laugh and say, "fuck this shit. I'm havin' another beer."

My day:

I needed to print a business check for a vendor. The printer has somehow gotten knocked off the network. So I had the bright idea this morning to disconnect it from the router and plug it directly into my PC. Only when I unscrewed the cable connection there was a little bolt from the router that was stuck on the screw. I had to go to the garage to get pliers to pry it off or else I could not have plugged it into my PC.

Then I needed to install the software again with the printer drivers. It still didn't work.

This afternoon I came home and the test pages had eventually printed out. So I printed a check to the vendor which should have gone out 3 weeks ago. Then I couldn't use the postage meter on the envelope because the rental on the meter is past due. So I had to use two 39-cent stamps.

Such is the life of a konagod.

Pretty soon when I need to make a phone call, it will be like a scene from Green Acres. I'll be climbing a telephone pole.

This madness will eventually end.

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