Monday, August 13, 2007

The Foyer in Transition

I have just about finished up in the living room except for the seemingly never ending touch ups. I decided I needed to start on another room just to give myself a sense of hope, so the foyer it is. Here's a shot after I'd just started painting the trim a whiter shade -- the same "white jasmine" which is used in the living room. I think, since I still have a half-gallon of that stuff left, I'll just finish the rest of the house with it.

You can see the contrast now between the trim and that horrid "swiss coffee-esque" paint on the walls. Before, every thing in the house was that color -- walls and trim alike. I just can't take that any longer. Wait until you see what I have in store. The paint has been purchased.

Originally I wanted something in a terracotta to complement the tiles, but decided that might be too monotonous and clash with the sagey green paint in the living room to the left. The last thing I want in this house is any kind of red and green tones together.

Yet, at the same time I wanted the foyer which is fully visible from the living room to offer some degree of contrast in order to provide some depth to the space. We'll see. I'll post a picture from two angles when I'm done -- hopefully in a day or two.

Oh, that overhead light fixture? It has to go, and soon.