Monday, August 13, 2007

Tuesday's To Do List

1. Call Allstate and get them to fax a copy of our proof of insurance since the one in our cars indicates the insurance expired in March. Therefore I was not able to get one car's annual inspection done today because the card in the car indicated the insurance expired in March. Don't ask me why a driver's insurance status has fuck-all to do with whether a car is road-worthy or not. But I wasted 45 minutes of my precious time today, not to mention driving home in a swarm of cops and sheriff's vehicles and sweating like a dope dealer at City Hall. I don't need any more disruptions in my life right now.

2. Get car inspected.

3. Get life under control.

Number 1 must happen tomorrow. Number 2 doesn't necessariy have to happen until Friday. Number 3 apparently doesn't have to happen at all.

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