Monday, August 06, 2007

Home Improvement Snafu

I'm a fucking wreck.

I stayed home from work today because the woman was coming to measure for the carpeting. Because one of our cars is still in the shop getting repaired, I had to wait on txrad to get home from work before we could go to Home Depot to order the carpeting.

While waiting on a sales person to appear I was browsing in a Q&A type manual at the consultation desk in carpeting. I stumbled upon a section about pets and it said you would not want to select a Berber loop if you have cats or dogs which might hook the loop with their claws.

Great. Loop was what stole my heart. Finally a sales person appeared and didn't seem overly eager to help. I asked her about this and she said if a cat hooks the loops they can start to unravel which apparently isn't very attractive. She suggested some alternatives.

While I was browsing the selections I was getting more and more agitated because I really loved the one we selected. In fact I had decided that was what I wanted in the rest of the house, but not in the same color.

The sales associate never reappeared so obviously weekday evenings are not a big time for carpet sales at Home Depot. I was in no mood to make a rush decision on something so I came home in a huff.

Question: Any of you readers have loop carpeting with cats? Tell me your stories now. Because the price of the carpet I wanted is at least $5.00 less per square yard than some of the cat friendlier alternatives, and I'm not nearly as enamored with the alternatives, I need advice.

Oh, and like my day hasn't sucked enough, that photo at the top was something I had to deal with this afternoon. How can the draw strings on 3 window shades become tangled in so many knots by simply being on the floor for a week. Do those things wiggle around and knot up at night while I'm sleeping? I just don't get it. But it took me at least 30 minutes to untangle the mess.

Now I need to be untangled as well.

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