Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Painting

I was looking forward to the weekend so I could resume painting in the living room. I am so tired I can't even put up a picture right now. I'll get one up on Sunday.

I'm starting to think I should have painted the trim first, and then the walls. Trim is tricky business although I did manage to get the crown molding done without the use of any tape and very few mishaps. Touching up here and there is not a problem. I think the baseboards are going to be more difficult than the crown molding though and I'm not looking forward to that chore. Nevertheless, I'm hoping to finish those tomorrow and perhaps do my touching up after I'm done with those.

This is certainly a learning experience and I think when I start painting the remaining rooms in the house it'll go more efficiently after having done the living room.

After waiting all week for the carpet folks to call me to schedule an appointment, they finally called today and said it'll be on Monday, and someone will call me Sunday between 4p and 7p to set a definite time. I'm really eager to get that phase of the project done because we can't even order carpet until the measurements are taken. I'm going to have them measure all the remaining rooms which have carpeting and when I decide what I want, there will be no need to reschedule another measuring session.

I also guess that means I'll be spending some (or all) of the day on Monday working from home!

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