Thursday, August 16, 2007

Warning: My Workplace May Be Bad For Your Health

Hey, who's complaining? A couple of guys from an NBC station swung by today to do a presentation which included free pizza and Cokes. Then they invited me out mid-afternoon for some drinks at a restaurant which was walking distance from the office. About 3:oo I headed out for a margarita and a beer and some fine chats and then went back to the office at 4:20 (heh.. 4:20!) to wrap up, come home and continue the drinking festivities.

Tomorrow, another rep from a CW affiliate is coming in for lunch and more drinks.

On Monday our agency is celebrating it's some-year anniversary which includes free food and an afternoon happy hour which will without a doubt involve a margarita machine I'm sure.

Between now and then is Friday night and the weekend which will involve more drinking. I can't blame that on the company, but then again, after the week I've had....maybe I can.

Yeee haaa. I love my "job."

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