Friday, September 14, 2007

A Fool Deserves to Suffer

Basically we hit our upper limit with the tequila consumption last night. In other words, if we want tequila tonight, txrad will have to stop and buy a bottle on the way home from work because there's probably not 2 shots left in the bottle.

Yes, I'm a fool and I should have known better than to buy a 750ml bottle on a night when the tv and sofa have been moved out of the living room and there's nothing to do but stand around listening to music and.... doing tequila shots.

As is usually the case when I partake of the firewater in excess, I have strange bruises in odd places. txrad said he had to help me up last night after I fell out of the chair on the patio. Of course, I remember nothing.

This is a day when I would love to take a nap and I can't because there are no beds in the bedrooms, and no sofa in the living room. Carpet installation day has finally arrived!

The carpet padding is down. And it's blue. VERY blue.

I'm ready for all this to be finished. Because I just can't live like this much longer:

For those of you who haven't tried it, cleaning out closets and moving furniture is a treat when you're hungover. I have a hunch that putting all this crap back in place is going to take a lot longer than it took to just pile it up.

Guess what I'll be doing all weekend!

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