Saturday, September 01, 2007

Green Living

txrad and I have been into the Green Movement for a very long time. We frequently ridicule excessive plastic packaging and mass-produced chunks of plastic crap that are quickly destined for a landfill. The holidays are a particularly lucrative time for this.

We save and reuse just about anything that can be saved. Plastic grocery bags are crammed into one of our kitchen drawers. They are useful for cat litter containers as long as I double bag it. Some of the smaller ones aren't adequate for that, but are perfectly suitable for cat vomit. Any unused bags eventually get stuffed tightly into a larger bag and placed in the trunk of the car where they will eventually be returned to the store for recycling. Ditto with the plastic newspaper bags.

Some things we use very minimally which other people might use almost daily.

I always laugh when I open one of our kitchen drawers and see this.

You're probably thinking, "So? He saves and reuses foil."

Yes, we do as evidenced by the foil in the drawer at the bottom of this picture. But that's not the point of this post, and certainly there's no humor in that.

Some of you may know Ralphs from California. It's a large supermarket chain out there. This is the most recent box of foil we have purchased and it was bought when we lived there. As you can see, there's quite a bit of it left.

Later this month we celebrate 10 years of living in Austin.

So yes, when I open the drawer and see that Ralphs foil, it does make me laugh.

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