Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Skunk Blogging

So I went out for a quick smoke, and I saw the black & white.

He or she kept pointing his or her protruding butt in my direction, so I decided to just have a conversation with the skunk to sorta loosen it up during dinner.

I had a little kona confessional which fell on deaf ears, and then as I moved in my chair I saw the extroverted ass pointing in my direction.

Don't give me that shit, bitch, I've been getting it all day, and I'm in no mood. And then things got relaxed. And then I'd get the button butt when I made a noise other than my confessional conversation.

Finally, I decided enough with the philosophy and go get the camera. So when I re-entered the patio with the camera I got the stand-off-ish button butt in my direction, and then a quick exit, but not before stopping at the watering hole.

By the way, I do wish I'd gotten a shot of the button-butt. I promise to do so in the near future. So check back soon for Skunk Butt Blogging.

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