Friday, September 28, 2007

The Week That Was

Thank God it's Friday. As is usual in my place of employment, there was never a dull moment. However, your host at this blog had an incredible week of insane productivity and accomplishments. Things started winding down this afternoon and I was looking forward to my planned cocktail meeting with one of my local TV station sales reps around 4:00-ish.

But round about 3:00-ish we got slammed with some things we have to get in place for the TV advertising campaign by Wednesday of next week (if it sounds like it can wait until Monday or Tuesday then you don't understand the business; this truck don't turn on a dime!) and I had to get busy again.

No way was I going to allow this to interfere with my happy hour meeting. I gathered up my paperwork, laptop, and docking station & monitor in a box (my "job in a box") and headed out around 3:45 to the patio at the infamous Matt's El Rancho in beautiful south Austin, Texas for a couple of kick-ass margaritas.

Damn, I love my job. I'd love almost any job where I get paid to sit around and get drunk.

Speaking of "job in a box," you'd be amazed. I randomly picked out a box from the mail room at work, and it fits everything perfectly. The docking station pedestal goes in first, then I shove the wiring down behind the docking station, a towel goes in over that, then the monitor goes in screen-down on that, and there's just room enough for the keyboard to balance on top of the monitor base. I can close the flaps on the box and come home. I don't even disconnect anything from the docking station. The wires stay connected, I come home, take it out, plug it in, and go to work.


I swear though, I think those folks put Everclear in those margaritas. Whoooooooooooooo!

At one point during the "meeting" and quite early on, txrad announced that we were "spouses." The woman was taken aback for just a second or two and then resumed with the good times. I think some people just aren't used to gay folks being quite so open about it, but she had no problem. After all, she was already passed her 3rd marriage so who was she to judge?

The really funny thing is that we got home shortly after 6:00 which is not far from when we normally would have gotten home from a normal day of work, only this time we had a good head start on our Friday liquor buzz. And after nibbling on chips & salsa, queso, nachos, and quesadillas while drinking, we don't even have to deal with making pizza tonight.

The local NBC affiliate took care of that problem for us.

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