Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We Are Fairly Moral

I have to deliver this update on the TV situation. I had an email from my brother today. He was headed down on his 4-hour trip (or maybe 3 hours the way he drives) to my mother's house with the boob tube.

The story is, he won the TV in a contest sponsored by Wal-Mart and it came with a warranty.

Oops. He bought the TV from Circuit City, so he had to issue a subsequent email in which he corrected himself in case she quizzes me, in case the TV ever needs service, and the Circuit City guys show up instead of Wal-Mart guys.

Yeah, like my mother is going to know the difference? She's never been in a Circuit City.

And, as little white lies go, my brother DID win a TV over the July 4th holidays, it just wasn't this one.

In fact, it wasn't even comparable. But that's beside the point. The onerous lie is on my brother's shoulders. I just have to play along which makes the lie whiter. Right?

My main concern is that things are simple. She likes to just walk over and push and button and turn a knob. This situation could involve two sets of remotes and all kind of complicated technological bullshit.

That's not good.

I predict after she tries unsuccessfully to turn on the TV one time, she'll drag the old one out of the closet or wherever, and plug it in. I just hope she has sense enough to plug the cable into it as well, and the converter box if they still have those.

Oh, nevermind. This is never going to work out. One of us is getting a plasma TV real soon.

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